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Moon opposite uranus solar return


The moon represents our emotional nature, our security and deepest needs. It containts our basic habits and unconscious reactions related to our past karma and upbringing. It is associated with the mother and with feminine energy in general, it is both our inner child and mother. It is responsive, receptive, reflective and instinctual.

Uranus will bring big changes, and when it passes through the 1st house, these changes will be related to your personality and appearance. You will not be concerned with what others think and expect from you. You will have the need to be independent and you will be open to unconventional experiences. You will also be more willing to take risks.

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It's critical with these aspects to feel in the body what people, activities, options, and choices are right Another worthy note: Transiting Dark Moon Lilith in Taurus was conjunct her Saturn/Juno/Hades Moon Trine Venus- Mars Conjunction sextil Uranus In the words of the great funk-a-dellic prophet when he spake onto his groove-filled masses. You can also view the Solar Return as a chart on its own, but it wont tell you as much as when you compare with the natal chart. It is not easy to interpret a Solar Return chart because very often what we see in there, reflects the hopes and wishes of the individual and not necessarILy what will happen to him/her. That is also why we have to.

Dec 26, 2018 · SUN-MOON ASPECTS IN THE SOLAR RETURN. In general, Sun-Moon aspects in a Solar Return represent crisis, i.e., significant turning points where the individual is most assuredly passing from one phase to another (just as the Moon is). Typically, there is a major involvement with other people. Significant pairings are established..

Along with houses 7 and 8, the 9th house is in the relationship quadrant of the horoscope. As Howard Sasportas writes, "The 1st house is 'I am' while the opposite house, the 7th is 'We are.'. The 2nd is 'I have' and its opposite, the 8th is 'We have.'. Correspondingly, the 3rd is 'I think' and the 9th is 'We think.'1.

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